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Lot # 13 - 1907-09 H.M. Taylor Postcard - Ty Cobb ROOKIE HOF - 1907 POSTMARK - SGC 1

Description: This auction is for a 1907 H.M. Taylor Postcard vintage ROOKIE postcard of the Detroit Tigers Legend - Ty Cobb. These 1907 ROOKIE Postcards are finally getting appreciated as Ty Cobb's true ROOKIE card. This issue is tougher to find than his Dietsche postcards but a little more common than the Wolverine News. This postcard holds the extra authentication from 1907 via the Postmark on October 12th, 1907 during their World Series against the Chicago Cubs. Using the SGC Population Report, they show a total of 23 graded 1907-09 H.M. Taylor Ty Cobb Postcards across all 3 three years. Compared to the 1925 Exhibits Gehrig ROOKIE that shows 22 graded examples. When you take these population reports into consideration, it explains why this card is currently one of the Hottest in the hobby and has probably doubled in value in less than a year. You can also make a case that it should be valued in line with a 1925 Exhibits Gehrig ROOKIE in comparable grades. This would suggest that it still has some "catch-up" appreciation in the years ahead.
Condition: SGC 1 POOR
Minimum: $1,000.00
Increment: $100.00
# of bids: 32
Current: $5,100.00   ($5,865.00 w/BP)
Time: 2019-05-26 05:57:27 AM
Lot Ends: 2019-05-16 10:36:00 PM
Lot is closed.
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